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This page has been created as a repository of curated resource documents and information to help our members and the wider business community be more innovative and agile in managing this evolving and fluid era. Check back regularly or via our daily member emails or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dear  Members, 

I am happy to advise that the vaccination site at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) is now operational.  The Honourable Mr. Terrence Deyalsingh, Minister of Health toured the site on 19th July 2021 and approved it as a mass vaccination site.

The T&T Chamber and AMCHAM T&T in collaboration with The Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) have adopted this vaccination site to ensure that the members of the business community can get access to vaccines. This is essential to restarting the economy safely as soon as possible.

I would like to thank all the businesses and individuals for their financial and in-kind donations and volunteerism which has enabled us to mobilise the resources needed to begin operating the mass vaccination site. 


Vaccine Appointments:

Appointments are available to anyone, your staff members, their family and friends.  First and second doses of Sinopharm only, will be available.

There are two ways to book an appointment:

1). The online appointment portal can be accessed on a computer, phone or tablet at (This is the simplest way for an individual to make an appointment.)

2). You can also reserve blocks of time for your staff or groups.

a). To book time slots your human resource department will have to populate the CSV file with all the required details.
Step 1– Please click here to view the guide for Completing the Form as the system will only accept data in specific formats.
Step 2 – Click here for the data entry form. Please complete Sheet 1 ONLY DATA ENTRY FORM

Please note we can only input the CSV file into the system if all the information is completed in the form provided. We are not able to use any other forms or incomplete data for registration.

3). Once your appointment has been booked, each individual is required to print and complete Section 1 – Bio Data ONLY of Pre- Registration Form and bring the form to NAPA on the day of their appointment.
The completed form is the property of the Ministry of Health and will form part of your medical records. Click here to download the MoH Pre-Registration Form and print both pages.
The Ministry of Heath has mandated that we also have hard copies of the forms which must be presented at the site when you check in.

4). Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. If anyone misses their time slot, they will be required to re-register as a walk-in and may have a longer wait time at the site.

5). You must present a valid form of ID at NAPA – this should be the same ID which was used to make the appointment and was entered on the Bio Data section of the Pre-Registration Form.

You can email [email protected] or call 354-VAXS (8297) if you have any questions on the vaccination site. Click here to view the FAQs.

Support for Vaccination Site:  

In keeping with its policy, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will provide vaccines and vaccinators at no cost. We are covering all costs related to operationalization, site management, administration of 200 staff/volunteers, meals/refreshments, requisite equipment which includes refrigerators, tents, generators, sanitization stations, garbage disposal, etc. We believe that we have a responsibility to do our part in the vaccination effort and to ensure that businesses and their employees have access to vaccines.

We have received generous support for this private sector led initiative with volunteers, products, and financial donations which enabled us to achieve our goal of opening the site on 19th July

We are still in need of financial support to keep the site running for 60 days and would appreciate any donations you are able to contribute.

Please reach out to me directly at [email protected] if you wish to make a donation or have any questions on providing support to the site.


Vaccine Hesitancy

We have been getting feedback on vaccine hesitancy from different businesses which range from a high of 75% to a low of 30%. The level of national vaccination we need is around 70% to achieve herd immunity.

Based on this I am extremely interested in getting some informal feedback from you on the hesitancy levels in your company and ideally what are the key reasons people are giving for not wanting to get vaccinated.  This will help us to further evolve the private sector initiative we are involved in to encourage responsible behaviour and address vaccine hesitancy “lets each do our part”. Please see website link-

We continue to offer educational sessions which has helped to address some of the concerns and hesitancy. Another area which has had positive impact is one on one discussions with managers and staff members.

Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in having us arrange one of these sessions for your organization. It is critical we achieve herd immunity, otherwise we risk additional waves of infection with the much more dangerous variants.  

We look forward to working with you on these important initiatives as we work towards achieving   herd immunity in Trinidad and Tobago so we can restart our economy safely.


Stay Safe




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