The Trinidad & Tobago Chamber’s committees form a very important component of our organisation. Committees are formed by members who want to make a more meaningful difference to their industry/ sector or towards a specific cause or initiative.


These are the current standing committees at present – Click on one to find out more information.

Meetings: Every 2nd Wednesday @ 11:30 am

The Crime and Justice Committee was formed to demonstrate the Chamber’s concern about the escalating crime wave in the country, and to make a concerted effort, in whatever way possible, in partnership with the Government and other Private Sector organizations to deal with issues, problems and solutions on crime and the Criminal Justice System in Trinidad and Tobago.

Terms of Reference

  • To develop and implement short term or ongoing projects designed to assist in reducing the high incidence of crime and the increase in security and safety.
  • To provide representation for the Chamber on any or all relevant Government or Private Sector bodies dealing with Crime, Justice, Security and Safety.
  • To advise the Chamber on any matters pertaining to crime, justice, security and safety.
  • To liaise with and whenever necessary meet in Tobago with the Tobago Division of the Chamber to discuss collaborative efforts in reducing crime and increasing security and safety in Tobago, particularly in respect of the tourist industry.
  • To prepare comments for the Chamber on legislation, as required, and to recommend whether new legislation may be needed in any particular area that may be pertinent to the private sector or in the national interest.
  • To organize informational seminars, luncheon or breakfast meetings, and the like dealing with subjects relevant to the work of the Crime and Justice Committee
  • To raise funds, where possible, for the Crime and Justice Committee either through projects or otherwise, that would enable it to do its work effectively. This may be achieved through the informational sessions.
  • To encourage field trips for Committee members to places, institutions and projects of interest to the work of the Committee.
  • To encourage and generate camaraderie and team spirit among members of the Committee, respecting each other’s views, and creating an effective and efficient cog in the Chamber’s machinery.
  • To do public appearances with respect to impact of crime on business and recommendations for reduction in crime.
  • To do any or all things that may be of interest to the work of the Committee and which will serve to strengthen its resolve and project the right corporate image for the Chamber.


Members of the Crime & Justice Committee

Sonji Pierre Chase (Board Champion)

  1. John Aboud – Amalgamated Security Services (Chairperson)
  2. Pauline Hamilton – Consultant – Security Services (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Brian Ramsey – Amalgamated Security Services
  4. Ken Jones – Jones Motors Limited
  5. Imshah Mohammed – Imjin Security Services Limited

Meetings: Every 2nd Thursday @ 10:00 am

Terms of Reference

  • Monitor and provide guidance as appropriate on significant emerging technology, digitalization, information security and cyber security issues and trends that may affect our business community
  • Improving the digital knowledge of our members through a targeted awareness programme of activities and events
  • Advocate for digital government transformation and e-services to improve the delivery of government services and the ease of doing business
  • Identify challenges and support the removal of barriers to DBT transformation by highlighting the needs and views of T&T businesses on these issues
  • Support the development of the digital economy for economic growth and diversification
  • Review and measure digital adoption and maturity at the country and business level through global benchmarks

Areas of Focus   DBT Awareness and Adoption

  • Support businesses with strategic digital transformation vision and planning
  • Developing recommendations to improve the skills and capacity of a digital workforce
  • Overcoming change resistance and effective communication
  • Making technology simple, convenient, accessible, and seamless
  • Understanding opportunities to drive efficiencies, productivity and innovation
  • Awareness of threats, risks and disruptors
  • Growth of digital services, export of digital services and products


Digital Government

  • Advocate for digitization and digitalization of Government to redesign manual processes, creating new digitally enabled services, which transform citizen experiences
  • Adoption of digital payments for Government disbursements and collections
  • Public trust in digital government systems, policies and services
  • Private sector partnerships to maximize the growth opportunities and potential a digital economy presents


Information Security

  • Understanding the impact of cyber security and securing a cyber- resilient business future
  • Effective cyber security mechanisms (technology, operations & laws) to support increasing digitization across business and public sector



  • Regulatory frameworks which facilitate private sector investment and innovation
  • Data protection and privacy laws developed and timely enacted
  • Policies for open government data sharing and interoperability across government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and the Private Sector. (e-ID)
  • Data protection and privacy laws developed and timely enacted
  • Policies for open government data sharing and interoperability across government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and the Private Sector. (e-ID)


Members of the Digital Business & Technology Committee

Jean-Paul Dookie (Board Champion)

  1. Lorcan Camps – Nio Digital (Chairperson)
  2. Kirk Henry – Ansa Bank (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Camille Wooding – TSG Consulting Ltd.
  4. Darryl Duke – TSTT
  5. Jeremy Mohammed – Caribbean Airlines
  6. Kevin Antoine – Aegis
  7. Kevin Nurse – Johnson Camacho & Singh
  8. La-Vaughn Clarke – NGC
  9. Nirvan Benimadho – Supernova Technologies Ltd.
  10. Patrick Scipio – Scipio Technology Ltd.
  11. Riard Mohammed – Honeywell
  12. Shashi Seecharan – Massy

Meetings: Every 2nd Tuesday @ 9:30 am

The Employment and Labour Relations Committee aims to promote good industrial relations and effective Human Resource Management practices, and a safe working environment within its member organizations and the wider business community by providing immediate, up-to-date and relevant, advisory and educational services in collaboration with expert stakeholders and institutions.


Terms of Reference

Mandate: Promote national productivity through advocacy for human and social development, effective human resource management and good industrial relations.​

Mission:   Advancing opportunities in developing employers’ human resource and industrial relations management practice.​

Vision:      We are the voice of business, on Employment and Labour Relations.


Members of the ELR Committee

Roxane De Freitas (Board Champion)

  1. Jonathan Cumberbatch – Individual Member (Chairperson)
  2. Lara Quentrall-Thomas – Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Anjeli Narine – Massy Group of Companies
  4. Behzad Hassanali – Ansa McAl, Beverage
  5. Catherine Ramnarine – Hamel-Smith Services Ltd.
  6. Christiana Bahadoor-Hosein – Eve Anderson & Associates
  7. Cristopher Lewis – Trinidad Building & Loan Association
  8. Denise Ferguson – CARIRI
  9. Giselle Siu – Bermudez Biscuit
  10. Learie Hinds – Amalgamated Security Services Ltd
  11. Natasha Subero – Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business
  12. Safiya Johnson Noel – Safiya Group Limited
  13. Verga Mangal – Medcorp Limited

Meetings: Every 3rd Thursday @10:00 am


This Committee’s is tasked with the promotion of environmental, safety and health values for the sustainable future of our companies, communities and nation.

Terms of Reference


The T&T Chamber is committed to the protection of the environment through responsible stewardship. Protection of the environment is essential to the health of the communities and resources upon which its members rely, and is beneficial to all its stakeholders. The goal of the NEP is environmentally sustainable development, meaning the balance of economic growth with environmentally sound practices in order to enhance the quality of life and meet the needs of present and future generations.

  1. The EHSC will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and internal operating procedures and standards and review of legislation that relates to EHS.
  2. The EHSC can assist in advising on environmental policy of GORTT via T&T Chamber.
  3. The EHSC will promote environmental education and awareness among its members and will assist members to understand the importance of compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and internal operating procedures and standards.
  4. The EHSC will strive to continually improve its understanding and knowledge of resource use, with a specific focus on use of energy, raw materials and water as well as the production of waste and other environmental pollutants.
  5. The EHSC will work with governmental and local civic leaders, environmental groups and other concerned parties in order to continually develop a mutual understanding of relevant environmental issues.
  6. The EHSC will foster the development of environmental initiatives that will support community-based environmental initiatives and programs. Should include NGO’s, schools and persons doing good work.



The T&T Chamber is committed to the overall health and safety of its stakeholders and in particular, its employees and their families. The T&T Chamber believes that a safe and healthy workplace is a moral imperative reflecting the Corporation’s respect for the individual. The underlying principles of the Health and Safety Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2004, as amended by Act No.3 of 2006, the employer, in consultation with the representatives of his employees is required to establish a safety and health committee in industrial establishments, where there are twenty-five employees or if less the Chief Inspector on the basis of prescribed criteria, directs the establishment of such a committee. This committee is the primary mechanism for companies and their staff to work together to identify and resolve safety and health concerns in the workplace.

  1. The EHSC will promote education and awareness in respect of occupational and personal health and safety among T&T Chamber members and will provide guidance for directors, officers and employees to understand the importance of compliance with all applicable occupational health and safety laws, regulations, and internal operating procedures and standards.
  2. The EHSC will strive to continually improve its understanding and knowledge of health and safety issues and to identify and recommend to members effective measures in respect of potential health and safety risks.
  3. The EHSC may provide advice to the T&T Chamber and its employees to monitor health and safety performance in the workplace.
  4. The EHSC will encourage and support the development of health and safety initiatives by T&T Chamber employees and will act reasonably in respect of implementing any suggested measures which would improve the health and safety of the T&T Chamber work environment.
  5. The EHSC will foster the development of environmental initiatives and, will support community-based environmental initiatives and programs.

Members of the EHS Committee

David Hadeed (Board Champion)

  1. Rima Mohammed – International Media Services Ltd. (Chairperson)
  2. Gerard Rajkumar – Sygma Environmental
  3. Paul Affonso – Nutrien (Formerly PCS Nitrogen)
  4. Vanessa Bissessar – RBC Financial (Caribbean) Ltd.

Meetings: Every 1st Thursday @12:30 pm


  • Act as a centre of excellence for TTCIC’s members to enable their ESG journeys and onboarding of ESG reporting
  • Execute a targeted programme of activities, informed by members which meets their needs in relation to ESG education, strategy and integration
  • Work to identify challenges and barriers to success in ESG strategy integration, and to highlight the needs and views of T&T businesses on these issues
  • Review the performance and results of key ESG investment surveys and
    global benchmarks
  • Consider emerging ESG issues to understand their materiality with regard
    to TTCIC’s long-term value creation
  • Collaborate and develop contacts with local government, industry associations, multilateral agencies and other key stakeholders for a more sustainable world
  • Alignment with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while prioritizing goal focus and initiatives against T&T country priorities.


Members of the ESG Committee

Karen Yip Chuck (Board Champion)

  1. Rudolph Hanamji – EY Trinidad and Tobago(Chairperson) 
  2. Adiola Monsegue– UNIPET (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Amelia Samai – Nicome – TTIFC
  4. Daniel Denaux – Shell
  5. Eric Hopkins– Business Process Specialist
  6. Gerard Rajkumar – Sygma Environmental
  7. Gervon Abraham – WITCO
  8. Marc Mouttet– Agostini’s Limited
  9. Mario Singh– NGC
  10. Mariska Seereeram– Caribbean Resourcing Solutions Limited
  11. Renee Regis– RESSCOTT
  12. Shalini Rambachan Maharaj – Massy
  13. Shashi Seecharan – Angostura
  14. Julie Harris – Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi (Ex-Officio)

Meetings: Every 1ST Wednesday @ 11:00 am

The Committee was established in July 2007 to become the foremost organized group/ association where Facilities Management and Maintenance Professionals are able to attain valuable and useful information is the aim of this Committee.  Achieving this will aid in developing and maintaining high standards of practice within the industry locally and regionally.

Terms of Reference

Vision: To create high quality, sustainable working environments in Trinidad and Tobago.


  1. To positively impact policy and practice in all aspects of Commercial and Industrial facilities and their surroundings.
  2. To positively impact policy and practice in all aspects of the development and management of facilities and their environments.

….through engagement and partnership with people, businesses and Government.

Members of the FDM Committee

Mark Laquis (Board Champion)

  1. Edward Kacal – Servus Limited (Chairperson)
  2. Giselle Holder – Acuitas Caribbean Limited (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Dalven Harris – CME Service Ltd.
  4. Gerard Rajkumar – Sygma Environmental
  5. Leela Ramsingh – LSA Healthcare Services
  6. Patries Ramkaran – Ramkaran Contracting Services Limited
  7. Rowland Poyntz Mac Kenzie – Construction Engineering Management Services

Meetings: Every 2nd Thursday @ 12 noon

The focus of the NOVA Committee is to facilitate the provision of business opportunities for NOVA members; provide NOVA members opportunities to collaborate and network with business leaders as well as to facilitate the development of emerging business professionals.

Terms of Reference

Revised Mandate as approved at meetings held on February 13th and March 12th, 2020

NOVA’s Overall Purpose Statement: “To support new and growing MSME’s by leveraging the Chamber’s network and resources.


  1. To promotesupport and advocate for the interests of new and growing MSMEs
  2. Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced entrepreneurs/business leaders to emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners and those poised for growth via business mentoring and training (primarily from Chamber members).
  3. To provide networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, as a means of expanding their business opportunities.


Members of the NOVA Committee

Marc Persaud (Board Champion)

  1. Lorenzo Hodges– (Chairperson)
  2. Anna Chamely – (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Bernard Campbell – Business Solutions
  4. Bradley Ramcharan– Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited
  5. Dale Lutchman– El Dorado Offshore Trinidad Ltd.
  6. Joel Joseph– Qure Solutions
  7. Joel Moniquette– Media InSite Limited
  8. Krista-Lee Lookit – That Lookit Brand – Marketing Consultancy
  9. Lara Dowell-Tang Foon – Cite Up Limited, Yes Careers
  10. Lorcan Camps– Nio Digital Business Software & Services
  11. Rima Mohammed – International Media Services Ltd.
  12. Rudolph Hanamji – Ernst & Young Services Limited
  13. Vashti Guyadeen – Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries


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