With the crossing of the 6-month marker, the next half of the year signifies the most crucial portion for many companies. This year, like 2018 may prove a very ‘hard read’ of how the chips will fall. In these challenging times we have all become economists in one way or another, keeping our own watchful eye on how the economy is moving.

The Mid-Year Review presentation by the Honourable Minister of Finance is a ‘go-to’ guide for most, providing businesses with the information necessary to re-strategise and plan for the coming months. However, for others the macro-economics may be somewhat abstract and what we think we know may differ greatly from the realities of what is occurring at the operational or retail level of the economy. This year’s Business Outlook seeks to take a more practical and realistic approach. To do this we have assembled business leaders from industries that are often used as “yardsticks” to determine economic conditions.

We will also introduce a new format, whereby presenters will be paired based on sectors that are somewhat related. For instance, the banking sector (commercial and retail) will be paired with the real estate sector, since many of us obtain financing for property investments through banks and other similar institutions. We also delve into what types of investments people are making today, new business accounts being opened and more.

The fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG) will be paired with the automotive sector creating another conversation about the types of choices consumers are making today on food items and vehicles.

The discussion will commence with a macro-economic presentation and an energy outlook, again both very connected to each other.

At each interval we will invite the audience to openly engage with the pairs of business leaders. More time has been allocated to this Q&A segment to create a more meaningful and engaging experience for attendees.


Ronald Ramkissoon, Ph.D Economist


Mr. Vincent Perriera, President, BHP Trinidad and Tobago


Mr. Hilton Hyland, General Manager – Commercial & Retail Banking, Republic Bank Limited
Mr. Hilton Hyland, General Manager – Commercial & Retail Banking, Republic Bank Limited


Ms. Natalie Karamath, CEO, Massy Motors Limited
Ms. Susan Gunness-Balkissoon, CEO, Hand Arnold Trinidad Limited

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