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Champions of Business Gala Awards Finale


This year we will again present our ‚ÄúTrinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce‚Äôs Champions of Business True Stories‚ÄĚ which features six award categories that showcase and profile amazing stories. These awards are truly aligned to the ethos and visions of the T&T Chamber and our partner sponsors who all have taken the opportunity to help highlight the individuals and companies who are the pride of our nation.

During these episodes the Internationally Known… T&T Owned Company of the Year and Business Hall of Fame Inductees were announced. We also revealed the finalists in the Business Technology and Entrepreneurship Categories.

On November 19th at the Champions of Business Gala Awards Finale, the winners of the Business Technology and Entrepreneurship Categories will be revealed. This year we introduced two new categories: Green Agenda and Breakthrough Exporter of the Year. These deserving companies will also be revealed on November 19th.

The T&T Chamber thanks all sponsors of its Champions of Business Awards 2021, inclusive of the Champions of Business True Stories and the Gala Awards Finale.


About the Awards





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The Business Hall of Fame started in 2005 with the posthumous induction of founding member of the T&T Chamber, Joseph Leon Agostini. The very first Business Hall of Fame was a simple ceremony that took place in the Board Room of T&T Chamber’s offices. The award ceremony soon outgrew its modest beginnings and evolved into an official award ceremony which now inducts a maximum of two business leaders at its annual awards event. Each year outstanding individuals are inducted (one of whom may be posthumous) into our Business Hall of Fame. This year The T&T Chamber is honoured to induct Ms. Angela Lee Loy and Dr. Krishna Bahadoorsingh into its Business Hall of Fame!


Ms. Angela Lee Loy is one of Trinidad and Tobago‚Äôs most successful and experienced female entrepreneurs. She is a global business leader and a visionary based in the Caribbean. Ms. Lee Loy is involved in multiple industries across various sectors and disciplines. She is the Chairperson and Founder of Aegis Business Solutions Limited, the largest indigenous business consultancy in the English-speaking Caribbean, headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago. Angela left PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Partner to launch her own company in 2001 and has grown the business, gaining international clients and an international reputation. Today, Aegis stands shoulder to shoulder with the ‚ÄúBig 4‚ÄĚ auditing firms. She is also a board member of several leading associations which reflects her years of experience and solid reputation as a trusted non-executive board advisor and respected business leader in the Caribbean. A small sample of these would include being a Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean, a former T&T representative of the International Assembly of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a non-executive director of Prestige Holdings Limited. In addition, she has previously chaired committees as diverse as the National AIDS Co-ordinating Committee, the Music Literacy Trust and the Social Justice Foundation.

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Dr. Krishna Bahadoorsingh is considered a pioneer in the field of real estate development industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Since entering in the 1960s, Dr. Bahadoorsingh has become known as one of its stalwarts. He carved out a career as one of its leading proponents, with a passionate interest in merging the business of real estate development with concepts of community and family. Beginning with Westmoorings, where residential communities were joined with commercial enterprises through the setting of West Mall, as well as professional offerings, a new concept was introduced locally. From then, the communities he developed have changed the landscape of the areas where they are located, allowing thousands of residents to enjoy the warmth of community living with all the amenities of suburban town centres, including retail, commercial and leisure offerings. Beyond his industry, Dr. Bahadoorsingh’s has served in several capacities demonstrating his commitment to country by his decade of service as an Independent Senator, a founding member and Deputy Chairman of the Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDECOTT, and a Past President of the Rotary Club of Port of Spain.

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The Green Agenda Award recognises the contribution and commitment that companies now make towards growing a greener future in business and delivering a new blueprint for business in the 21st Century. The award is given to a company which demonstrates leadership in implementing energy efficiency strategies and works to positively contribute to the promotion of a greener T&T.


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The Internationally Known…T&T Owned Company of the Year category is open to corporate entities only (not individuals or professionals in business) and is awarded to one company in recognition of excellence in performance locally and regionally or internationally. This category is open to ALL local companies.



We are pleased to announce that Angostura Limited has been selected to receive the 2021 award for Internationally Known…T&T Owned Company of the Year in the T&T Chamber‚Äôs Champions of Business Awards. The name Angostura is a household name in Trinidad and Tobago, with its signature Angostura Bitters being not only a flavouring for drinks, but an ingredient for a wide variety of local dishes and even a medicinal home remedy. But more than being a corporate entity, Angostura is a brand with multiple products that enjoy global recognition. Angostura¬ģ is a world market leader for bitters and is one of the Caribbean‚Äôs leading rum producers and home to a superb collection of rum brands. The bitters brand as well as Angostura‚Äôs rum brands are available in 162 countries and officially distributed in 97 markets globally. Its premium rums have been causing a stir at countless international competitions over the past decade and have been awarded many prestigious accolades internationally. In addition, Angostura¬ģ Aromatic Bitters has been named the Number One Selling Bitters and Number One Trending Bitters since 2018 by Drinks International.


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The Breakthrough Exporter of the Year category is open to smaller companies which have branched out into export markets and have been able to show significant growth.


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The Business Technology award is aligned to one of the fastest growing business sectors in Trinidad & Tobago. Due to its boundaryless nature, technology enables local companies to have a presence and be competitive on the world stage. Its revolutionary impact on industries continues to change every day. The award recognises the significant role technology plays in transforming our economy. It celebrates a technology-based company or an individual that has created or provided innovative technological solutions or services for new and existing market needs.


medl uses technology to improve healthcare and medication via an online pharmacy. medl offers doctors and users of prescription drugs free access to a secure end-to-end prescription platform which provides contactless delivery of prescribed medications, refill reminders and support and advice from in-house pharmacists. Doctors can also monitor patients’ medication and compliance. This solution also reduces medication costs for platform users since the online business model cuts out the cost of a brick and mortar retail establishment. medl is highly relevant particularly to those with accessibility/mobility issues and also in the context of COVID-19 as measure to reduce exposure for high risk groups dependent on prescription drugs to control serious conditions.

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eboxTENDERS¬ģ, is a Software as a Service Cloud Platform that uses world class technology to facilitate a leading-edge Supply Chain Management Solution through digital transformation. Formed August 2016, it was introduced to the market in 2018. The platform is considered to be hyper-efficient, massively scalable and defensibly secure. It is hardware Agnostic and is not coupled to any hardware specific technologies. The collaborative platform is paperless, created to increase efficiency and drive down costs of doing business, while providing valuable technical and customer service support. It offers vendor management, eRFQs, e Tenders and eAuctions which facilitate reverse bidding. The solution is backed by industry leading security and cloud-based architecture, hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The eboxTENDERS Cloud Platform is accessible on any devices with an internet connection. Currently, they engage with a number of stakeholders locally, regionally and worldwide.



Novo Farms Ltd. is a division of the Novo Group. It was established by Glen Ramdhani in 2017 for the purpose bringing transformational change within the agricultural sector using innovation. At the beginning as an agri-tech start-up it used a technology platform to replicate temperate climatic conditions for foreign crop production. The company incorporated its technological experience and assimilated its services into the agro- processing initiative with the ability to monitor crop data analytics and trace elements from source of farmer‚Äôs. The technology also includes solutions enabling a full value added experience from farmer to consumer. Novo Farms used the period to research, develop, plan and implement the product which is now live today, that is, the Novo Farms agro processing facility which is the foundation for further expansion into this sector using innovation as the catalyst. The agro-processing facility was officially commissioned on the September 12, 2021. The products are currently retailed at Massy Stores and are expected to shortly be available at over 300 stores nationwide. Both local and International customers can access the online e- commerce system from our website which was built by Novo’s technology division.







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The Entrepreneurship Award is presented to an individual or business that has been founded within the last 10 years and which has been experiencing strong growth. The nominee must be an owner or leader of a private or public company with primary responsibility for the recent performance of the company, as well as be an active member of management. Non-founding entrepreneurs are also eligible if the individual manages the business and assumes the associated risks.


Tech Beach Retreat is a global technology community platform, built to support the growth of innovation in the Caribbean, providing technology summits and events, technology education and accelerator programs, and technology investment funds. Tech Beach has built a community that convenes some of the best minds and biggest brands in technology, at a scale that has not been done in the Caribbean before. They have established partnerships with the leading technology brands such as FaceBook, Google, Twitter, with the purpose of directing resources to develop the Caribbean. The company has launched the Caribbean’s first True Startup Tech Accelerator program. In 2019, they took their tech education programs to high school children in partnership with BPTT and Google. Due to the success, iterations were subsequently rolled out virtually in 2020.

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Guru Fitness TT Ltd. is a fitness forum established by Luke Hernandez providing training both locally and internationally ‚Äď the latter which they began to offer at the start of the pandemic. Upon closure of gyms, Guru leveraged the power of social media and online platforms such as Zoom to reach and grow its customer base. Guru offers seven styles of training, delivered either outdoor in person or online. They also train children 10 years and over. The service is available 24/7 and in the past 18 months, over 500 workout routines have been placed online for clients. Apart from this, they provide two free workouts each week. Most of the company‚Äôs reach is through social media and advertising.





Montanos’ Chocolate Co. Limited aims to help strengthen the domestic farm to market supply chain, producing cocoa and cocoa products for local industry and niche export market expansions. The company currently produces and distributes the Machel Montano 60% dark chocolate to the local market and some foreign niche markets. They are proud of the quality of their chocolate, which has no preservatives, mold inhibitors, emulsifiers or additives. At present, the company is building its capacity by investing in a chocolate factory and is in the processing of acquiring various levels of approval and training staff in the use of the equipment. They contribute to the growth and development of the agro-processing sector and also the revitalization of the cocoa industry. They provide training and employment to women, youths and rural farming communities of Trinidad and Tobago.











The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce thanks all sponsors of the 2021 Champions of Business Awards; T&T Chamber’s Champions of Business True Stories and The Gala Awards Finale.