The Domestic Violence In The Workplace Policy (The Policy) is an initiative of the Crime and Justice Committee that started in late 2018 in recognition of the impact of this issue upon the workforce. Through a partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CADV) a policy has been created and launched to guide businesses to develop systems in their own organisations to address this critical national issue.

The policy seeks to address the experience of harm and insecurity that follows both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence to the workplace and is evidenced in reduced morale and productivity. The Policy cites that, “Abused persons may be late to work, have excessive and unaccustomed absences, seem stressed out and may be unable to concentrate or work productively. These behaviours can make it seem like the victim is an unsatisfactory team member when the person is experiencing the effects of an abusive relationship. Similarly, persons who are perpetrating domestic violence may also demonstrate signs (such as aggression, distraction, and emotional volatility) which may negatively affect their work performance”.

The Crime and Justice Committee of the T&T Chamber would like to sensitise members that domestic violence is also a workplace issue, even if incidents occur elsewhere it is important to recognise that we must all be involved in creating a culture of zero tolerance towards domestic violence.

The Policy was finalised in June 2019 and launched officially at a press conference on 6th September. Already, a number of leading companies, including Ansa McAl, Imjin Security Limited, Massy Holdings, L.I.F.E. Programme-Massy, Massy Motors, Regency Recruitment , the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and others have pledged support for the initiative.

Companies are encouraged to download the policy with the option to adopt it wholesale or to customise it to fit their organisation’s existing policies and corporate culture.

Follow this link to download the policy: Domestic Violence In The Workplace Policy



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