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Our esteemed speakers directly share innovative strategies they’ve used to survive and grow their businesses. This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:   

  • Navigate in this ‚ÄúNew Reality‚ÄĚ ¬†
  • Use innovative strategies to survive and thrive in times of crisis ¬†
  • Leverage ICT by using smarter solutions to deal with tough times ¬†
  • Make exceptional service matter¬†



1. Dr. Terrence Farrell 

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Dr. Farrell studied Economics at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine and at the University of Toronto where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1979, and also holds an LL.B (London) degree and the LEC from the Hugh Wooding Law School. He was admitted to practice law in Barbados and in Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 and is a Certified Mediator. Dr. Farrell has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Farrell joined the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago in 1980 and was Director of Research (1984-1989) and later Deputy Governor (1992-1995) where he was involved in key policy initiatives including the debt restructuring and IMF programmes in 1987-1991 period, exchange control liberalization and the flotation of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar in 1993 and the central bank’s intervention of troubled financial institutions in the period 1986-1993.¬†

 Within the private sector, he was Regional Manager for a regional IT Services company from 1995 to1997, Group Executive Director at Guardian Holdings Limited from 1998-2005, responsible for Strategy and Business Development and President of Guardian General Limited from 2005-2006. He was President of Business Insight Limited a strategy and business development consulting firm from 2006-2008 and Group Chief Executive Officer of One Caribbean Media Limited from 2008 to 2010. He now works in the areas of economics, strategy consulting and business development and legal advice and mediation. He is a director of Republic Bank Limited, Eastern Caribbean Financial Holdings Limited, TATIL and TATIL Life and CREDI, the Catholic tertiary education institute. 

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2. Mr. Satyakama “Kama” Maharaj¬†¬†

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¬†Sacha Cosmetics Limited was founded in 1979 with the vision of developing a line of make-up that would look equally beautiful on women of different ancestry. Founded by Satyakama ‚ÄúKama‚ÄĚ Maharaj, the locally-owned, locally-manufactured range of premium cosmetics has been a beauty boon to women of all skin tones. Sacha‚Äôs early operation was so small, it could fit¬† in his garage and,¬† still leave room for playing cricket and is now available in 27 markets and sold at multiple Amazon online stores including the US and India and on its own site worldwide.¬†¬†

In the late 1990s, Sacha became a global e-commerce pioneer with the launch of which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, selling products to international customers for over sixteen years. It has introduced a social media department at its Freeport headquarters to deepen the relationship with its customers via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  

When Sacha‚Äôs Buttercup Setting Powder made it on to the YouTube makeup guru circuit, an entire year‚Äôs worth of stock flew off the shelves in one month, forcing the company to temporarily halt online sales. For some new customers, the silky powder, so finely-milled as to eliminate the ashy cast left behind by other products, has become what makeup bloggers refer to as an HG (‚ÄúHoly Grail‚ÄĚ) product. With sales having long surpassed its competition in Trinidad and Tobago, Sacha is now in 27 foreign markets and counting.¬† Cuba is the largest export market of Sacha‚Äôs products.

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3. Mr. Ronald Hinds 

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Mr. Hinds is Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Teleios Systems a Trinidad and Tobago technology company which provides software and services that help its clients to quickly and effectively deploy automated business solutions that leverage the power of the cloud and mobility. Like many of the businesses represented here today, Teleios leverages and needs to increasingly leverage, the cloud and mobility to deliver services to its clients from Suriname to Belize with team members in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Kenya. 

In addition to leading Teleios, Mr. Hinds currently serves as Head of the Strategic Leadership Team of Congress Corporate, a global Christian Business Network, a Director and Senior Vice President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a member of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago’s Payments Council, where he represents the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 

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4. Mr. Peter George 

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When you hear the name Peter George, Buxo Trinidad and Linda’s Bakery comes to mind.  Peter George’s name truly speaks for itself.  Mr. George is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word with several business interests.  In October 2001, Trotters opened its doors as George’s first business. He was also a director in the startup of Superpharm, the well-known pharmacy chain, which was subsequently sold to Agostini Limited in 2014.  This was just the beginning, Peter George went on to open Prime in August 2005 and this was followed by the purchase of a two outlet bakery business in 2008.  After taking the helm, 10 years later Linda’s bakery is now a 22 outlet business.  Another major milestone in Mr. George’s career was the opening of Buzo Trinidad in 2010. He went a step further, expanding regionally and ventured in 2015 to open Buxo Barbados, like its Trinidad counterpart, it is also known for its quality dining experience. Mr. Georege is also interested in creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs and through Avator Capital, invested in Bitt Barbados in 2015 and was subsequently made chairman in 2016.  As Peter’s track record shows, he truly has a drive for business and entrepreneurship.  

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