Masters of Industry Lunch and Learn Series 2020: Edition 2

Master : Lara Quentrall-Thomas of Regency Recruitment 
Date: Thursday July 30th, 2020
Time: 12:30pm-2:00pm
               Price: Free

Hi Everyone,

All of you by now have probably adjusted to THE NEW NORMAL

WEBINARS is the latest platform to get information across and an effective tool used post Covid-19. It is easily accessible and can be done in the comfort of your own home or office.

I am sure this webinar is not your first as all of us gravitated towards this medium to access relevant information and we all can admit that during Covid-19 our online usage has increased as WIFI did not disappoint us in these uncertain times

This is the 2nd edition for our 2020 series and I am bursting with joy and excitement to present to you the one, the only….. drumroll please…………..

Ms. Lara Quentrall-Thomas is the founder and Chairman of Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited

Founded in 1996, Lara comes with a mountain of knowledge and experience in her field. The below summary does not do this amazing Master justice but goes to illustrate how qualified she truly is with her youthful smile and bubbling personality.

  • Thirty years professional recruiting and HR management experience.
  • Twenty-five experience as entrepreneur and company director.
  • Currently serving on multiple boards including NGOs.
  • MBA and degree in Business Management

Please join us for this unique opportunity to be a part of an intimate webinar, along with other future leaders, to ask questions and learn how Ms. Quentrall-Thomas has built her brand so powerful that she is well known to all in Trinidad and Tobago. She sits on numerous boards and is part of many NGO’s and is a Rotarian with twenty years membership, she is referred to as PDG Lara Quentrall-Thomas to many.

The event will take place on Thursday 30th July 2020 with a start time of 12:30pm and it will be held via a Zoom Meet. So please get a sandwich, or treat yourself to a lunch (curb-side or delivery) before start time and join in to a Master that if you had not yet had the opportunity prior, I can assure you the experience would be a memorable one. I can testify to this as I did have that opportunity and I learnt so much from this woman’s life and work experiences. She is indeed a Master and is an active member in her community and our country.

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