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Mr. Ronald Hinds President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a position he has held since March 2017. In that role, he oversees the strategic, fiscal and programmatic goals for the Chamber and serves as its chief spokesperson for economic development and business in Trinidad and Tobago. Before becoming president, Mr. Hinds served as Vice President and Senior Vice-President.

He joined the Chamber in 2011 with an objective to advance the country’s business sector, particularly by promoting integrity in businesses and strengthening opportunities for entrepreneurs. An economist by training, Mr. Hinds’ goal reflects his moral code and his longstanding interest in innovation and economic diversification.

Mr. Hinds is the founder and Executive Chairman of Teleios Systems Limited, a Port of Spain based software company. Under his leadership, Teleios has grown into one of the largest dedicated software firms in the English-speaking Caribbean. It has won numerous awards for its solution innovations, including the prestigious Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year for Latin America in 2016. Its technology solutions have been successfully deployed in multiple countries and across various sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, government and energy and extractive industries.

Mr. Hinds has had a distinguished career in the local business sector, having served as the chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago stock exchange and as chief executive at a local brokerage services firm and a major life insurance company. He devotes considerable time to various civic and public-good causes, serving on the board of several, charitable, private sector and government organizations.

He is a global director of Congress Corporate, a global network of business leaders and businesses with chapters in over 20 countries, promoting ethical business practices and values-based leadership. He also served as Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago e-Business Roundtable, a public-private sector partnership mandated to develop strategy for Trinidad and Tobago’s economic growth using Information and Communication Technologies in business and government.

He has a bachelor’s in economics from the University of the West Indies and in 2011, received the UWI Distinguished Alumni award for his role in fostering entrepreneurship, leadership development and corporate social responsibility the realm of business.