National Budget 2022 Press Release

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (T&T Chamber) recognises the social and economic challenges that the country currently faces and we believe that the National Budget 2022 has attempted to address many of these areas. We are pleased that many of our recommendations were included in this year’s presentation….

T&T Chamber supports safe zones

The T&T Chamber fully supports the initiative taken by the government to implement safe zones. These are practical and achievable temporary measures with minimal disruption to restart our economy safely, until the public health threat is behind us. We believe this is the most effective mechanism to protect the unvaccinated while allowing those who are vaccinated to take part in higher risk activities…

Vaccination is Critical to Restarting the Economy

The T&T Chamber is relieved that the Government has agreed to allow the retail sector to open. This is hopefully another step towards reopening sectors which are still closed such as cinemas, day spas and salons, churches etc and to allowing full operations in others, such as the restaurant industry.

T&T Chamber looks forward to the continued roll out of vaccinations

The T&T Chamber is happy to hear that there will be reduced restrictions for a number of sectors on a phased basis, however we would have liked this to be extended to online retail sales and delivery. These companies have invested in digital infrastructure and are able to conduct business responsibly, while keeping staff and customers safe and providing much needed services.

T&T Chamber looks forward to upcoming collaboration

The T&T Chamber supports the opening of all construction and its related businesses. We are happy that additional sectors have been prioritized for vaccines with the view to opening in the near future. We are looking forward to seeing the acceleration of the “Vaccinate to Operate” campaign, which would allow for more business sectors to open safely. We are relieved that there have been some relaxations in the restrictions and the borders are finally being opened to
our citizens and vaccinated non-citizens