Champions of Business is a signature annual event and awards ceremony of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. It is primarily dedicated to celebrating the outstanding and exemplary contributions of Trinidad and Tobago’s business leaders. It is also intended to inspire emerging entrepreneurs to strive for excellence and quality standards in business. Originally called the Business Hall of Fame when it was established in 2005, it saw Chamber founder Joseph Leon Agostini inducted posthumously in a simple ceremony in the company’s board room. Thereafter, the event grew in prestige to become a signature event for the Chamber, and a standard of the business community.

As the event marked its first decade, the Chamber felt there was a need to broaden the scope of the awards to specifically recognise entrepreneurs and exporters. In 2014, the event was re-branded and the Champions of Business was launched. New categories of Emerging Entrepreneur and Internationally Known…T&T Owned Company of the Year were introduced, while retaining the elite Business Hall of Fame as an award category. The category for entrepreneurship was expanded, and in 2017 included a sub-category for Start-up Entrepreneur, which is still in effect.  In 2018 the new category of Enterprise Technology was introduced.

Champions of Business is an evolving showcase. Both the format of the event and the categories of the awards may change from time to time, to reflect the dynamism of the commercial landscape and meet the changing needs of our publics. The Chamber considers this to be part of the value that we add to the national community, in our quest “To be the champion of business towards the development of a strong and sustainable economy”.




Our platinum sponsors for the award categories include global brand EY for the Emerging Entrepreneurand Start-up Entrepreneur, the internationally recognised, homegrown financial institution First Citizens for Internationally Known…T&T Owned and telecommunications frontrunner bmobile for Enterprise Technology, while the T&T Chamber itself retains the Business Hall of Fame.



To nominate an individual or company for one of the award follow three easy steps:

  1. Read the criteria for each award carefully
  2. Click on the relevant link and download your form
  3. Return the completed form to the T&T Chamber



Business Hall of Fame








Click here for nomination form

A maximum of two deserving individuals are inducted annually. Only one of these may be posthumous. 

A nominee must:

  • Be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Have made a significant impact as a business leader over the duration and span of their business career and be recognised as an exemplary role model for future and emerging business leaders. Consideration will be given to such accomplishments as starting and building a business or leading an established business to significantly greater achievements.
  • Have worked to also improve the community, environment or engaged in other corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Have demonstrated their commitment to building and improving the national landscape
  • Have gained industry recognition for achievements as an industry pioneer and/or leader.


Internationally Known… T&T Owned Company of the Year:







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Awarded to one company (not an individual) in recognition of excellence in performance locally, regionally and/or internationally. This category is open only to companies that are members of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Distribution companies may be included. Products and/or services do not need to be locally produced.


A nominated company must:

  • Have more than 75% local (Trinidad and Tobago) shareholding ownership.
  • Have engaged in business development expansion with an established footprint either regionally and/or internationally, whether through an office presence and/or distribution to foreign countries.
  • Show its consolidated sales distribution percentage, i.e. local vs. outside Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Document in detail its evolution to becoming an “Internationally Known” organisation.
  • Have worked to improve the community, environment or engaged in other corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Emerging Entrepreneur & Start-up Entrepreneur:









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A nominee must be an owner or leader of a private or public company with primary responsibility for the recent performance of the company, as well as be an active member of management. Non-founding entrepreneurs are also eligible if the individual manages the business and assumes the associated risks. The nominee’s company must be eligible for one of the two categories. Applicants are screened, finalists selected and a panel of judges (independent of EY) chooses one award winner in each of the two categories:


Emerging Entrepreneur:
An individual whose business is experiencing strong growth. The business has been founded in the last 3-10 years.

Start-up Entrepreneur:
An individual who exemplifies the start-up process at its best. The business has been founded in the last 3 years.  

Click here for brochure, nomination form and EY’s submission instructions


Enterprise Technology:





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Awarded to a company or individual providing a solution or service.

  • The nominee must be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago / a registered business operating in (but not necessarily limited to) Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The solution or service must have had market presence for at least 2 years.
  • Evidence may be provided to demonstrate how the service/solution had significant impact upon its target market.
  • The solution or service must have been commercialised with a minimum gross revenue of $250K or more.
  • The solution or service cannot infringe on another person’s/company’s IP