How to Join the 
Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce
(established since 1879)

Become a member of the national business chamber, serving both Trinidad and Tobago!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC).
Your application can all be done online.

Before you go to the application form here are things you need to note and get ready before,

  1. MembershipTiers: Your membership tier is determined by the size of your organisation, based on your annual turnover/gross revenue. Refer to the chart below to determine which tier you fall into.
  2. Legal Requirements: Applicants (companies) must be Incorporated Companies or Sole Traders within Trinidad and Tobago, complying with the laws of Trinidad & Tobago. Please ensure that your company registration documents are scanned and ready for attachment before beginning your application.
  3. Compliancy: All applicants (companies) should be VAT, BIR and NIB compliant. Evidence may be requested to show that your records are up to date. Please ensure your documents are ready to scan and email if requested.
  4. Individual Bronze Members: Individual Bronze members are either retired professionals or current consultants. You will not be eligible for this tier of membership if you are an owner or partner of a company.Applicants submitting for Individual Bronze membership need only attach your professional CV. No company documents are required. Please ensure that this is ready to attach to your on line application.
  5. Proposers and Seconders: With the increased emergence of new companies each year we simply don’t know everyone or every company. Therefore, as part of the application process the T&T Chamber requires you to state 2 references. Proposers and Seconders are financial members who can vouch for you or your company.You must list both to complete your application.Thinking of 2 companies but not sure if they are financial, then call our Membership Unit at 637-6966 extension 1230 or 1222 to inquire if they qualify.Your Proposer and Seconder will receive an email shortly after you submit your form, requesting them to confirm you. Please inform the companies that you are listing them to endorse you/ your company and to expect and email.
  6. Associate Members: Persons applying for Associate membership must be part of an approved and recognised tertiary education institution or business incubator programme. Evidence will be required for your application. Please ensure your documents are scanned and ready to be attached.
  7. Application Fees: Once your Proposer and Seconder endorse you, you will then receive an email to submit your application fee. Online payments can be made or call the Membership Unit at 637-6966 extension 1230 to submit your payment via company cheque.
  8. Approval Timing: Completed applications that meet all requirements are presented to the Executive Board of Directors for approval on the 1st Wednesday of every month (excluding August or as notified otherwise).
  9. Annual Subscription Fee: Once the Board has approved your application your subscription fee must be paid for the year immediately after to finalise your membership.
  10. Company Detailed Information: In order to serve our members effectively the Membership Unit will contact the head of the company or the assigned liaison to obtain more details about your organization. This information is added to our database and includes details like primary reasons for joining the T&T Chamber, key interests, key contacts and their designations. The latter is used to facilitate targeted messages and invitations. More information may be requested from time to time to help us enrich your membership experience.


Let’s get started!


The Steps:

  1. Refer to the chart below with the various revenue/ income bands to select your tier of membership.
  2. Select your Proposer and Seconder. Remember to call the Membership Unit if you need help.
  3. Click here for the online Membership Application form.
  4. Complete all fields. Attach all requested documents.
  5. The Membership Unit will email you the Members Code of Conduct using the email address you listed. Print, sign, stamp, scan and send back to the T&T Chamber.

If for any reason you do not have the ability to complete the online application or if you require any additional information or guidance, please contact our Membership Admin Assistant at 637-6966, extension 1230.

T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Membership Tiers & Subscription Fees

Valid up to December 31st 2021

Use this chart to select your category of membership and based on annual gross revenue.

Associate Membership for Business Incubator Members

We recognise the critical role that business incubators play in the growth and development of our economy. By joining the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC), business incubator participants will be able to access additional support to boost their knowledge and resilience, to be better prepared for tomorrow’s realities.

We are offering Associate Membership in the TTCIC for a maximum of 3 years, to any registered participant in a recognised business incubator programme.

For a nominal fee each Associate Member will have access to all member benefits, except for voting rights.  This includes the provision of a coupon code to access FREE live and on-demand viewing of our range of competence and capability-building sessions through our Business Insights series. This is training for business by business! View the contents of our library here : Business Insights On Demand (

There are other benefits for Associate Members:

  • Connect with other business leaders and influencers through networking at any of our events
  • The opportunity to obtain potential funding through our connections with Angel Investors groups
  • Possible mentorship from business leaders for key functional areas, and business skills development through our facilitation process
  • Access to cost-savings and other value added benefits via our Membership Value Added Programme

As a new member you may be interested in joining on of our Committees

Please go this link to read more about our standing and ad hoc committees, members, mandates/ core function, how often they meet.


We look forward to welcoming you to the TTCIC!