Trade and Investment e-Bulletin

The Chamber publishes a monthly Trade and Investment e-Bulletin which highlights:

  • Changes in regulations concerning trade
  • Major decisions made at the Council for Trade and Economic Development
  • CARICOM and CSME news and updates
  • Updates on the latest trade agreement negotiations
  • Updates on the implementation of existing trade agreements such as the EU
  • CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement
  • Forthcoming CARICOM meetings, trade missions and exhibitions

Trade Bulletins:

Trade Bulletin for December 2014
Can Caribbean Waiver Request 2011
Trade Bulletin for October 2011 (Special Issue)
Trade Bulletin for October 2011

Trade Bulletin for September 2011

Economic Impact of the Great Japan Earthquake and current status of Recovery

Trade Advisories:

Notice to Licenced Customs Brokers and Clerks
ECB Project Proposal Evaluation – Sensitization Workshop
Bridging the Labour Management Divide Apr 2013
Trade Mission to Guatemala
The CARICOM Competition Commission: Building Competitive Markets
Ontario May 2011 Trade Mission 
Request For Comments – Intellectual Property Committee
TTBIZLINK Registration 
TTBIZLINK Registration for Individuals 
TTBIZLINK Registration for Business 
Customs Advisory
ICC NEWS – Benefits of DOHA
Caribbean HIV COnference Scholarship Application Form 
Legal Notice 299 Suspension of CET 
Re Tariff
Legal Notice 299 of December 31st 2010

Archives of Trade and Investment Bulletins:
Trade and Investment E-Bulletin Issue 1 of 2010
Trade Bulletin Issue 13
Trade Bulletin Issue 12
Trade Bulletin Issue 11
Trade Bulletin Issue 10
Trade Bulletin Issue 9
Trade Bulletin Issue 8
Trade Bulletin Issue 7
Trade Bulletin Issue 4
Trade Bulletin Issue 3
Trade Bulletin Issue 1

Other News
News Letter – March 2012 EN