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    The Internationally Known...T&T Owned Company of the Year category is open to corporate entities only (not individuals or professionals in business) and is awarded to one company in recognition of excellence in performance locally and regionally or internationally. This category is open to ALL companies.

    The nominated company must:

    • Have at least 51% local (Trinidad and Tobago) shareholding ownership
    • Have engaged in significant business development expansion overseas with an established footprint either regionally or internationally, whether through manufacturing or distribution in other markets or via exports of their services. Also shows the potential and plans for sustained growth in international markets
    • Show its consolidated sales distribution percentage, i.e. local vs. outside Trinidad and Tobago
    • Document in detail the company’s evolution towards becoming an “Internationally Known” organization
    • Have worked to improve the community the environment or engaged in other corporate social responsibility initiatives
    • Describe your company’s employee engagement initiatives, effective leadership and management capabilities and strong business results
    • Describe your company’s ethical and sustainable approach to business
    • Describe your company’s International engagement and knowledge of different jurisdictions
    • Please note that there are no finalists for this category.
    • Members and non members can be nominated