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    About This Award:

    Companies or Individuals which create a culture of improvement or innovation for customers may be nominated for this award category. The Innovation Award focuses on the pioneering use of technology, such as social media, virtual reality, blockchain or artificial intelligence to increase productivity and measurable improvement for customers, clients and businesses.

    This award recognises the significant role innovation plays in transforming our economy.

    The award celebrates a company or individual which has provided innovative solutions or services for new and existing market needs.


    Awarded to a company or individual.  Nominees must provide proof of innovativeness in the following areas:

    • Originality: Describe the uniqueness of the product and its superiority in comparison with similar or alternative products in the market. This includes incremental and radical innovations. Be innovative or be a new invention (within the last 3 years)
    • Marketability: Show the extent to which the innovation sufficiently addresses the problem it seeks to solve at a cost or model that is accessible to the target market and can generate profits or is self-sustainable
    • Scalability: Describe the extent to which the solution can be easily applied to other similar markets beyond the applicant’s immediate or local environment
    • Social Impact: The ability of the innovation to create or effect positive and desirable benefit beyond profit within the target community and other stakeholders
    • Technical Aspects: The technical specifications of the innovation are grounded on established science and sufficiently address anticipated product risks
    • Members and non members can be nominated

    There may be 3 finalists for this category with 1 emerging as the Innovation award winner