Family Businesses: Ensuring Longevity in Good Times and Bad

This session addresses the following questions on Family Businesses:

How can family businesses settle family conflicts to realize desired harmony and productivity?
How can family businesses overcome the challenges involved in the transfer of leadership r from one generation to the next?
How can family businesses safeguard their values and overcome the “rags to riches” syndrome.

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Mastering Employers Contracts

The “Employment and Labour Relations Committee Training Workshop: Mastering Employers Contracts” event was held on April 28th 2017. Mr. Gregory Pantin conveys to employers and managers a baseline understanding of the legal and commercial impact of the Contract of Employment; this is an essential tool for increasing certainty as well as managing both legal and commercial risk.

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Optimizing Your Business in the “New Normal”

Our esteemed speakers directly share innovative strategies they’ve used to survive and grow their businesses. This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

Navigate in this “New Reality”
Use innovative strategies to survive and thrive in times of crisis
Leverage ICT by using smarter solutions to deal with tough times
Make exceptional service matter

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